My Holly

This is a story about a young boy named Jack, and the feelings he  has about his little sister, Holly, who has special needs. 

Jack sometimes feels sad because he wants more of his mom and dad's attention, but at times they are busy taking Holly  to therapy or doctor appointments. Jack begins to understand that his parents do try to make sure he knows he’s important and loved, and begins to believe, just like his mom, that one day Holly will be able to do anything she wants!

How do the siblings of  a child with special needs feel? Are they jealous of the time it takes to care for this child with greater needs than theirs? Julie Leavitt Wolfe found a solution to bring understanding and acceptance of this situation by writing and illustrating a 24 page picture book, My Holly – A Story of a Brother’s Understanding and Acceptance.

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From the Special Needs Book Review​:

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