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Meet Holly & Jack

Both of my stories are 100% true.

Every conversation was had, all events happened, and even though all the

names have been changed, every single one has a special meaning.



My son Ryan (a.k.a. Jack) was almost 4 years old when Sydney (a.k.a. Holly) was born 5 weeks early. Not only did have to get use to sharing his Mom and Dad’s attention, but between the age of 4 and 6 months old, Sydney suffered three unexplained Strokes. Ryan also had to deal with having a sister who now needed even more care and attention than a typical newborn.


Although this story is told through the eyes of Sydney (a.k.a.Holly) it’s actually from me, explaining to Ryan (a.k.a. Jack) how sorry I am for all the things I couldn’t do with him because I needed to care for Sydney. "Holly" goes on, however, to tell him all the things she can do to put a smile on his face, like he puts on her’s.


My Sydney has been 'Stroke-free' for 12+ years, and is doing fantastic! She is what is called, "Globally Delayed", and even though she needs assistance to do most everything, she’s my little fighter, and I have total faith that she will continue to grow, and understand, and learn; and will always bring a smile to everyone around her.


Julie Leavitt Wolfe

I like to think I'm a pretty simple person.  I'm not 'high maintenance'.  I'm a Kohl's/Old Navy kind of gal. 

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Always believe in what your heart tells you is possible, because anything can be possible!

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