Meet Holly & Jack

Both of my stories are 100% true.

Every conversation was had, all events happened, and even though all the names have been changed, every single one has a special meaning.



My son Ryan (a.k.a. Jack) was almost 4 years old when Sydney (a.k.a. Holly) was born 5 weeks early. He not only had to get use to sharing his Mom and Dad’s attention, but he also had to deal with having a sister who needed more care and attention than a typical newborn.


Then, between the age of 4 and 6 months old, Sydney suffered three Strokes. Three unexplained Strokes.


Although this story is told through the eyes of Sydney (a.k.a.Holly) it’s actually from me, explaining to Ryan (a.k.a. Jack) how sorry she is for all the things Mom couldn’t do with him because she needed to care for me. She goes on, however, to tell him all the things she can do to put a smile on his face like he puts on her’s.


My Sydney has been 'Stroke-free' for 10+ years, and is doing fantastic! She is what is called, "Globally Delayed", and even though she needs assistance to do most everything, she’s my little fighter, and I have total faith that she will continue to grow, and understand, and learn; and will always bring a smile to everyone around her.

Julie Leavitt Wolfe

I like to think I'm a pretty simple person.  I'm not 'high maintenance'.  I'm a Kohl's/Old Navy kind of gal. 

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